MobiWorld International Privacy Statement

We are very concerned about your privacy. This page, our privacy policy statement, will explain all you need to know about personal data that we collect and use in our sites and products. Please take a time to read it carefully in details and don't be afraid of contacting us about any concerns.

Information We Collect

Our applications and sites collect information whenever you install, access and/or use them. The informations are mostly used for statistics and quality control. We want to offer you the best quality applications possible.

  • Cookies: Are used to track your visits for statistics measures. Our applications need them to ensure you are securely logged in.
  • Profile: Full personal information as name, address, email and phone number is needed to use our services.
  • Log: All your actions are logged. This is used to audit purposes and to enhance the applications quality.
  • Device: We collect informations about your device used to run our applications.
  • Connection: We need to know the quality of your connection in order to analysis any trouble you might have using our applications.
  • Tracking: If needed, your GPS location (geolocation) is tracked and logged for the main purpose of the applications.
  • Midia: All kind of media (pictures, voice records, etc) generated inside our applications.

How We Use Information

We use possible information in order to our applications run the the way they need.

  • Our Services: Your information will be used mainly to provide you with the Service.
  • Improvement: Our internal operational and development teams use your information to fix bug issues and create functionalities.

Information You And We Share

We are committed to your privacy. We neither sell nor rent any of your personal information to anyone.

  • Profile: Your profile information is shared to other users in order to connect them to you. You need to agree to this condition on the application.
  • Usage: The usage of our applications imposes you to share actions to third-parties companies. Usually this is the main functionality of our applications.
  • Tracking: Your GPS location (geolocation) is shared to other users you accepted on the use of our applications.
  • Third-party: We currently employ companies, developers and co-workers from multiple countries. Neither of them are any right to use your information besides the main purpose of our services and applications. privacy policy is fully covered by MobiWorld International LLC general privacy policy (this document). privacy policy is fully covered by MobiWorld International LLC general privacy policy (this document).

Updates To Our Policy

We are constantly developing and improving our services and applications, so this document may be updated or modified whenever is needed. You are encouragely to read it periodically. When we change the policy, we will update the ‘last modified’ date at the top of this page.

Contact Us

If you have questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us.

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